I kinda want to post more on Mastodon, but.. well. I don't really have anything to post, besides shitposts.

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Seems legit.

(Error from the testserver for our programming assignments of my university.)

And freezing is still better than slowly burning to the ground because of heat. So there is that

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I generally like the cold, but now I have to wait for a train.
That's not fun.

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Da ist man mal ein paar Tage inaktiv und schon hängt ein Furry Pornbot auf der Instanz ab.

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today we saved a hedgehog! Spotted this little guy in our garden and he's now safely at the hedgehog rescue centre. 5.5oz and seemingly abandoned by his mama. He wouldn't make it through the winter without help. Neighbour picked him up and took him in for us.

#smallstories #hedgehog

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