I really want to use mastodon more often, but I always have the feeling that my posts fit better on twitter.
But I'll try to ignore that feeling and post randomly, sometimes here and sometimes on twitter.

<<Random Mastodon posting intensifies>>

But my mum has fun. So I'll endure it, I guess

Playing the taxi driver for my mum and her friends is definitely the most fun I ever had.


One of the few songs where I'm actually mindful of the lyrics

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@Kirschn Soll ich die Hashtags in Review soweit durchlassen, soweit sie den Regeln entsprechen?
Und wie weit soll ich sie durchlassen? :D

I wish more people would use Mastodon. It just feels way cleaner than Twitter.

(Dunno if I should write in english or german, but I'll keep it international for now.

So you have to endure my poor english.)

Oh boy. It's been a long time since I used Mastodon.

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Instance mostly used by people who switched over from Twitter.