I kinda want to post more on Mastodon, but.. well. I don't really have anything to post, besides shitposts.

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@Estugon just make them. All of them. And a few more.

@Primo I would, but I always forget D:
I mean, even on Twitter I am kinda inactive..

@Primo yes D: But at the same time it's kinda relieving to not be on social media all the time :D

@Estugon i find your lack of shitposting since then disturbing.

@Primo /o\

I'm already quite inactive on Twitter, I just don't know what to post D: And here on mastodon I am mostly moderating and lurking 👀

@Estugon Seems like you're doing important work in the shadows then.

@Primo Mostly letting users use this instance (or rather not let them use it lel) :'D

@Estugon Happy I'm not among the not being able to use it :'D

@Primo As long as you at least somewhat behave yorurself you don't need to worry :D

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