Oh btw, it's not even like you are missing out on some super duper cool content by me.
It would probably mostly be rants about programming, vtuber/weeb stuff and sometimes Factorio spams.

So... you should be glad that I am pretty quiet :'D

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@Primo Thanks :D I finally got back into drawing a bit in the last few months

@Primo As long as you at least somewhat behave yorurself you don't need to worry :D

At least I finally updated my profile picture.
Even though I am already planning to draw a new one...
Thats life.

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@Primo Mostly letting users use this instance (or rather not let them use it lel) :'D

Have been some months since I have posted something here.

Can't promise to change that. But I'm not inactive, I'm still moderating a bit in the background.

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@Primo /o\

I'm already quite inactive on Twitter, I just don't know what to post D: And here on mastodon I am mostly moderating and lurking 👀

@Primo yes D: But at the same time it's kinda relieving to not be on social media all the time :D

@Primo I would, but I always forget D:
I mean, even on Twitter I am kinda inactive..

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I kinda want to post more on Mastodon, but.. well. I don't really have anything to post, besides shitposts.

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Seems legit.

(Error from the testserver for our programming assignments of my university.)

And freezing is still better than slowly burning to the ground because of heat. So there is that

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Instance mostly used by people who switched over from Twitter.