maybe because we are a couple of versions behind

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Does anyone on this server know, why there are so often error messages poping up, eg whilst searching?

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@Gernomaly I think there is a base idea that competition breeds improvement and the idea went unchallenged for a long time because we see the highest performance peak looking at competitions, be it chess tournaments or olympic games.
Completemy overlooking that that image is grossly limited.
Or it's rooted in a 18th/19th century prussian mindset that probably was never perfect to begi with but stayed because conservativism.

I really need the ability to edit my toots afterwards xD

We is every school system i know build on it being stressful? Why does it artificially make it harder to learn. It doesnt make sense that an educational system is making it harder to edcuate yourself, it feels like a competition, not like i am learning something for the future

it hurts to watch the attacks on the matrix federation, especially when you know there is no good way (atm) to stop these raids from happening

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„Welche Branche hatte eigentlich noch kein Corona Konjunkturpaket?“

Ransonwarehersteller melden sich.

„Okay, hier Konjunkturpaket für euch, liebe Ransomware-Industrie“

Sind hier Menschen in Sachsen in der Berufsschule und wissen wie es mit Anwesenheitspflicht ist? Also ob man im Homeoffice bleiben kann?

Does anyone know a good Mastodon App for IOS, preferably still being updated?

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Danke an alle Teilnehmer*innen für das Engagement, das Hochhalten menschlicher Werte und den stetigen Einsatz für Menschenrechte. Das war ein wichtiges Zeichen.

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#Welcome to the #Fediverse / to #Mastodon

Here is my article on Mastodon and Fediverse for Beginners:

Hier gibts eine Deutsche Version:

#MastoGuide #FediGuide #MastoTips #FediTips

Feel free to spread, copy, adapt, translate, ... under #CCSA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike).
Also please spread this outside of the Fediverse.
But #boosts are also always appreciated.

#boost #BoostsWelcome

It's so good to be able to just shout your thoughts and problems into the depths of the internet. That really helps me a lot 😅

gender struggle 

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Why can you never look at yesterday's/last week's weather with any fucking weather app????

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I still find it pretty funny that the creator of postmarketOS was considering the name “Fuck You Industry OS”

@regines I think this is service is the best recommendation ever. I can just shout my weird thoughts into the web 😂

Its about Books but quite depressing 

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Its about Books but quite depressing 

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Instance mostly used by people who switched over from Twitter.