I'm going to shut down this instance. I don't know if I follow the wrong people, but it seems as if 99% of this content is just nerdstuff, porn or furry shit

@Kirschn AH GEFUNDEN hab dich gesucht :D Ich meine Das ist alles eigentlich ziemlich cool.

@Disi Ja natürlich, das Porjekt an sich ist geil. Aber ich will sowas nicht unterstützen. Der Content, der hier von vielen Leuten aktiv weiterverbreitet wird, widerspricht meinen eigenen grundsätzlichen moralischen Prinzipien und nein.

@Kirschn Dann modierer die Instanz? AFAIK kannst du ja auch sowas selber als Inztanzadmin festlegen.

@Kirschn Barring the fact that this is 90% of the internet in a nutshell, you're probably following the wrong people. Have you considered checking Tusk for more people to follow about topics you're interested in?

@Kirschn Yup, but it's not the only thing about me.

Try checking Trunk for users with similar interests.

@BalooUriza And there we have the exact problem. People connect because they think the same way and not because of the same interests.

@Kirschn I think it's a liytle of column A, a little of column B

@Kirschn Fair enough. Noone can really expect you to take your time, money and effort on such projects.
It's unfortunate that the community this instance ended up with did not meet your expectations.

That the notice is only one day ahead seems a bit rushed but I guess you'll have your reasons.

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