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Kirschn @Kirschn

Wow, Twitter is ENTIRELY dead now.

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Twitter down, FTL back to ridiculous speed 😄

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the twitter api status overview page is just a static html document

I mean, who wouldn't want to use mastodon via 9600 Bd serial or telnet

i've got an tweetdeck-like cli twitter client laying around on my github, maybe i could port this to mastodon 🤔

Big DOM Trees can get *very* slow very quickly. You've never felt real pain if you haven't used tweetdeck with more than 50 columns

I should probaly start working on my mastodon client again, backend is fully working in it's current state.

I'm thinking about using a canvas for rendering the GUI, but dunno. Would probably be too much work

we clearly have to get more people to use mastodon

okay why the fuck is every useable social network overloaded as fuck, is absolutely overloaded too

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