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OK then. switched to
I have no Idea whether that instance really suits me but I will see how things play out.

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The necklace had been passed down for generations; though sometimes it was a ring, and sometimes a bracelet. It changed for each person with no obvious pattern. It didn't seem to possess any other magic.

On my 18th birthday, the family gathered around to see what form it would take for me.

"My word!" My grandma exclaimed.

"I suppose it's technically a ring," her wife reasoned.

I slipped the brass knuckles on.

They fitted perfectly.

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One of the epiphanies of tonight. I am still alive.
Despite of everything that is, even after everything that was and before everything that will be, I ... I am still alive.

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when cats curl into that croissant shape boost if u agree

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"Wait," he said, "you read fantasy? On your profile it said you read science fiction."
"I like to read both."
"That makes no sense, you either read one or the other."
She gave him a look.
"Are you serious? Genre matters much less than the quality of the story."
#BiVisibilityDay #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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It's bi visibility day. This means: time to change the mascot :) Happy bi visibility day everyone :) :bisexual_flag:

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money beg, boosts appreciated 

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"For 18 months, residents of a village in Wales have been mystified as to why their broadband internet crashed every morning.

Now engineers have finally identified the reason: A second-hand television that emitted a signal that interfered with the connection."

I think I used most of my spoons today to show up to work on time, which was half an hour earlier today.

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Microsoft has paid $7.5 billion for Bethesda and all their stuff, that includes Skyrim. Microsoft just paid $7.5 billion for Skyrim, Todd Howard has done it again.
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if your Big Data person does NOT know what this picture means, get rid of them

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If you have a combination of money, time or supplies that allows you to get a walkong stick, put it into consideration.
There just might be a time were you appreciate the offered support if one.
And if not, you'll still have a fashion accessory.

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It occurs to me that a typical washing machine has a powerful enough motor that can be adapted as an in-wheel motor

They're quite powerful, usually efficient, and flat enough that they fit in the wheel width

The coil stator doesn't bear any kind of static load from the vehicle so it can be mounted on the axle. The magnet hub can be attached to the wheel, but without bearing any load either. Also, these are designed to handle vibration by necessity, but a rocker bogie will experience less of it

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Since the discourse of the Harry Potter game has reached my Mastodon Time line as well I can just as well give my two cents about it:

I hope the work that was put in creating the well done aspects of the game is salvagable for creating something supportable.

Maybe a bit like how many former COD developers made Titanfall (though circumstances differ quite a bit I guess).

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