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"This fund is for queer writers of color who are in critical need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
With thanks to the Philadelphia Assembly and the Money in the Streets initiative, we'll be able to provide 40 queer writers of color with $250 each.
This fund will prioritize trans women writers of color.
The deadline to apply is May 13 at 11:59PM PST. You will be notified in late May of your status."

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Hey everybody! I've been lurking for a while so it's about time I said hello. Name's Emerson, they/them, 25, USA.

I took a job in pharmatech to pay the bills and now I struggle with ethical dilemmas on the daily. In my free time I'm usually running tabletop RPGs, playing music, listening to podcasts, reading, biking, crafting, or taking care of my elder doggo.

Feel free to reach out and say hello. I love making new friends and helping my communities grow and thrive.

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Hello I have 20+ years of SRE/DevOps/Sysadmin and programming experience. Do you know an appropriate job for me for around 30 hours a week? Are you hiring? DM me!



The radio channel we listen to in our lab insists on playing out of touch on wednesdays.
I'm slowly starting to lose my temper D:

(Not serious)

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rant about "libertarians", furries 

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Unfortunately, I did not get tze apartment.

But that also means more time to save up for it.

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Capricorn, a black nonbinary person needs 1060€ to avoid being homeless + 5000€ to pay insurance! Please read their gofundme text, donate as much as you can and share with everybody!

*german text in the gofundme*

their paypal:


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:acab:, how do we stop killing people 

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You can have a mental illness AND a healthy relationship.

Let's stop thinking that all relationship are doomed because you have a mental illness(es).

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thoughts about the word "no". 

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hot take

math notation as we know it is a conlang

but we don't think of it that way

Might get someone to try my bofuri inspired in the works TTRPG/TCG out for a bit tomorrow and in preparation I extended the bestiary a bit, to get some variety and more difficult enemies and what not.
Whent with an ogre theme because I wanted something simple but not too overused by me.
Now there are
Lesser ogre
Big Ogre
And tze Boss monster: Maxi-Ogre.

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Yesterday I got to visit an apartment on very short notice. The landlady (or the landlords mother?) And I had a nice little chat and while empty, the apartment looks pretty nice.
Should have enough or more than enough space for me I guess.
If everything goes well I might actually move pretty soon.

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