You know what? Fuck you!
*unpressures your peers*

what does the b in benoit b mandelbrot stand for? 

@fluttergirly it does, hiwever, get retconned every now and then.

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@monorail seems like you are already in the perfect situation, no further help required.

@V probably. But I guess on some level, that is a legitimate way of playing. It's a veeeery meta way to have your personal brain beat the unpersonal brawn of the computer and game.

@fillertrack some would consider him a dilf. But I have also seen people reference him as a himbo.
I'm not too knowledgable on the details, but I guess being a dilf and a himbo wouldn't be mutually exclusive.


@fillertrack cow girls like ye haw or like girls with cow features?
(I think I know the answer)

self harm shitpost 

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new tillie merchandise, boosts ok 

@fluttergirly a very valid, relatable and understandable desire.

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psa for people who smoke in public places 

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@ella that way hopefully fewer people accidentally cut themselves on their C's!

@monorail I'm 100% sure it's not true.
The story of the term originating from a horror movie in which a man gaslights his wife by manipulating the, in the period the movie was set in common, gaslights and tricking her into doubting herself and her soughts makes much more sense than "hey fillup your car"

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do you think legendary pokemon let you catch them because they are Eternal and figure there's no reason not to take a sixty year detour being your pet

@skruffl yeah, gotta work on that xD. Well, if it's a type of snack that doesn't crumble, it would work out well.
Or maybe install a fan blowing away the crumbs falling down from eating and also habe the snacks inside the hood also be inside their original packaging so crumbs land/remain in there πŸ€”

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