If you're looking for a name for an earth elemental for your next fantasy/rpg project, the List of rock types is a very good source of inspiration. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_

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#ICANN is proposing allowing unlimited fee increases for .org domain names, which currently are allowed to increase a maximum of 10% annually at icann.org/public-comments/org-

Until April 29 you can send a comment to express your disagreement.

If you wonder why this is relevant, consider that many non-profit organizations around the world might be forced to change their domain by simply raising the price enough.

Don't forget that in some places people strive to gain 10$ in a month.

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"Around the year 2030, 10 years 252 days and 10 hours away from now, we will be in a position where we set off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control, that will most likely lead to the end of our civilisation as we know it..."

"These projections are backed up by scientific facts, concluded by all nations through the IPCC. Nearly every single major national scientific body around the world unreservedly supports the work and findings of the IPCC."


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wash and cook 200g of red #lentils with 2 cloves of garlic, turmeric and ginger.
Caramelize two onions with tomato (or tomato paste) and cumin (chili if you want), then combine with the lentils and let cook a little bit longer.

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While looking for solutions on how to migrate to (and not being able to because I'm using customized with ) I found this interesting article: medium.com/@ddprrt/postcss-mis The gist: SASS might not be as dead as you think, PostCSS might not be the be-all-end-all solution.

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“10 years ago today:
• jQuery was battling Dojo, YUI, and mootools for dominance
• node.js wasn't a thing
• Firebug was the only real developer tool
• Chrome wasn't released yet
• nobody took JavaScript devs seriously

Things change a lot in 10 years.”

#JavaScript #WebDev

TIL why on runs twice - travis-ci/pr is for the actual pull request, travis-ci/push checks if the tests would still pass when the patch is merged into master.

TIL to add `"use-api":false` to my composer.json vcs entries to avoid running into rate limits when using private repositories with on

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When designing a user interface, imagine some old woman using it, say Margaret Hamilton, and she's clicking your app's buttons and saying to you, as old people do,

"Young whippersnapper, when I was your age, I sent 24 people to the ACTUAL MOON with my software in 4K of RAM and here I am clicking your button and it takes ten seconds to load a 50 megabyte video ad and then it crashes

I'm not even ANGRY with you, I'm just disappointed."

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Remember folks, use CamelCase on your hashtags, so screen readers speak it as two words

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Finished! :D Made in @krita . I'll put this on Spoonflower eventually so it can get printed on fabric. #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource

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with any modern controversy you get loads of contrarian people going “well if it’s so bad why did nobody complain until now?” and the answer is… people *always did,* but few people ever heard

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every time your computer boots the processor wakes up thinking it's 1978 and the bootloader and kernel have to work together to gently coax it back to reality

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This is a thread about computers.

I have a lot to say.

I might not be able to finish right now.

I'm going to post unlisted.

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