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In truth, this world is only home
To beings three of magic touch:
The cats, who all the realms may roam,
Yet know that little is too much.

The goats, whose eyes can see through time,
Who laugh at life and know they're dead.
And readers, tracing rhythm and rhyme,
Who build whole worlds inside their head.
#poem #smallpoems

How many introverted programmers does it take to tell a light bulb joke?

One. It does not have to be a group activity, and the other can check for off-by-one errors.

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"I saw you walk, why do you use a wheelchair?"
"You know math, why do you use Excel?"
"If I didn't, it would take all day. Oh. Okay. Sorry."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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Hello World !
I read again about Mastodon in and figured it was time to give it a shot!
I'm a PhD student in computer vision, working in the Vision for robotics groups at TU Wien. So yeah, I spend my day with robots 🤖
And when I'm not, I'm usually either trying to learn German, or trying to learn how to play the bass !
I've never been big on Twitter, so we'll see where this goes!

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Via Twitter: "For blind gamers you can ask Siri on the iPhone to roll up to 2d6 or just say "Siri give me a random number between 1 and 20" You have a D&D die roller. Please Retweet this so the blind RPGers & people who care about them hear this. [Mastodon] RPG people lets spread the word please?"

#gaming #rpg #accessibility