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yeah i'm a member of ANTIFA

ANTI: anti
FA: fascist

it just means i don't like nazis lmao idk where these weirdo conservatives get these ideas

I've begun to be my more honest self lately and it's been incredible for my mental health

Well I hope you're all happy, I just checked in and now I'm gayer

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New skirt go spinny and it's making me feel pretty gay~

All moved in and feeling great, just need to get off my butt and buy some food lol

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everybody knows that the her in "doctors HATE her" is trans

Petition to start referring to boy titties as bitties

Even if I'm super basic about certain things I don't even care I love it. Trans girl embraces pink and uses it a ton? That's me and I don't give a fuck

Dysphoria is so..stupid. My mind needlessly genders all kinds of insignificant actions for no reason and then I get upset. 'You just drove like a guy.' wtf does that even mean brain shut up

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I ordered more art this morning and I totally shouldn't have, but it'll be worth it I promise.

Imagine not hating a social media website while being super gay

Instance mostly used by people who switched over from Twitter.