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my bathroom sinks drain got clogged so I took a knife and poked around in it until it got unclogged

is this what adult life is like

"cw bugs"
me, incredibly scared of insects: ah yes, let me see
mm yes this does trigger my entomophobia :)

sounds LIKE* a nice character feature
can you tell i just woke up?

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i had a dream where i was talking to ghosts through a yellow butterfly that sat on my shoulder
i don't remember the details of that dream but a small companion that's always by your side sounds a nice character feature and i might add it to my sona

i was only a few centimeters away from pouring coke into my cereal

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i wake up, I'm tired
I go to my kitchen, grab a bowl and pour cereal in
i go to the fridge and i grab the pepsi bottle
i pour in the p- WAIT NO I MEANT TO USE MILK

i just locked myself out of my own flat because i'm a dumbass lmfao

web devs be like "i hate soap, i just wanna rest"

Samsung has made vr headsets
Samsung has phones that are more than powerful enough to run VR apps
Samsung has the galaxy brand, which would be an awesome name for a metaverse
but Samsung does not act on this opportunity 😔

ok now that 1.17 is out
whomst the fr*ck wants to play some vanilla minecraft???

that was like one of my big culture shocks when i was visiting the US a few years back... i got so confused when we were just going shopping on a sunday lmao

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its always trippy when someone says they're going shopping on a sunday
most shops in germany close down on sundays


why the fuck do we eat crunchy stuff like popcorn or chips while watching movies?
who thought to themselves "oh i know a great snack for this: something i can't eat without missing part of the dialogue!"

first time eating a McDonald's borger in like 4 years or so

if geodude did cybersecurity analysis & blueteam testing, would it use defense cURL?

i wish i had a partner to do matching icons with lol
or generally getting cute couple art 🥺

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