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characters with bandaids on their face 🥺🥺

a ligma joke, but you trick your significant other and they actually end up doing it

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@ multilingual people: what's your first language and in which language(s) do you think?
for me, i think in a weird and unexplainable mix of german and english
ill just mix and match grammar depending on what comes to mind first

i just learnt early temtem backers got a pigepic plush and im jealous 😭

nein mann
ich will noch nich gehen
ich will noch n bisschen tanzen

i love temtem
one moment you'll have a gut-wrenching dialogue part in the story, just to be met with a temtem fursuiter who spweaks the uwu wanguage!! right afterwards

i just decided to try out beatsaber ost 4 and the official maps still suck ass
they're so annoying to play holy shit

at noon the sun is perfectly positioned to blind me while I'm in my office

docker-comopse up -d
zsh: command not found: docker-comopse
echo "alias docker-comopse=docker-compose" >> ~/.zshrc

date idea: im going to take you to build a bear

do you eat your nutella with or without salt and pepper?

Ich brauch n android keyboard, dass Anglizismen vorschlägt

i bet you shit poop. you poop shitter .

*closes house door* wait i forgot my mask

i mean, i guess ginseng strip 2002 kinda counts, right?

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a lofi rap album but all songs are named after arizona iced tea flavours

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